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Specializes in manufacturing of Delta Star flow-thru and Cyclone drop-in titanium coil water chillers and commercial live seafood holding systems.
Manufacturer of fish farm equipment. Products include fluidized bed biological filter systems and...
Manufacturers a range of products for the aquaculture and fishing industries.
Producer of products and services to the aquacuture and marine industries both locally and world wide.
Manufacture and supply of patented, proprietary solar-powered LED lighting solutions for the marine, roadway and railway markets worldwide.
Netherlands based supplier of systems, equipment and larval feed to the international aquaculture industry.
Manufacturers of high quality, economical data acquisition, processing, logging and control systems.
Manufacturer of fish egg sorting, counting and fry counting equipment.
An equipment & design firm that has products including Microbes, Habitat maintainance, reclamation and aquaculture management techniques.
Manufacturers of commercial fishing equipment, monofilaments and duralumes.
Specialized engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the design and fulfillment of holding systems for live auqtic organisms.
Designer and manufacturer of fish farm technology and products, including feed systems, winches and moorings.
Seafood, Agricultural.
Specialized in production of fish farming equipment.
Manufacturer of aquatic harvesters.