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Laser Fax Machine

Ideal for: Offices that use their fax machines frequently (25 or more times per day) and require high quality output. Burns text and images onto photosensitive drum using a laser, and then uses toner to print onto plain paper.

These machines are the highest quality, but only print in black and white. Very reliable, requiring little maintenance, except for replacing toner and paper (both sold separately).

Key features:

Dual access function, meaning you can scan a document in and receive a document at the same time. The scanned document remains in the machine’s memory until it can be processed.

Transmission speed ranges from 2 to 8 seconds per page.

Typically has a 15 to 50 page auto–document feeder, 200 to 250– sheet (letter or legal) paper tray capacity, and 80 to 600 page memory. Page memory is a must; it stores outgoing and incoming pages, saving information when the machine runs out of paper.

Generally has the ability to send one fax to 20 to 282 recipients/locations

Some models also act as a copy machine with the ability to enlarge or reduce documents during the copying process.

Some machines will automatically reduce incoming legal size faxes to letter size so no information is lost.

All print terminal transmission identification at the top of each page received, indicating date, time, fax number, and sometimes name or company of sending party.

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