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Materials Found in Pink Earrings

Many individuals are of the view that pink earrings are linked with purity and youth, however, times have passed when such beliefs were given due consideration. Because the latest fashion has no limits and restrictions, and it is experimental. Now women of all ages, from teenagers to mature women, may wear a jewelry item of whatever color, size and shape they wish.

However, to add freshness or decency, with respect to a woman’s age group, manufacturers are making use of different materials and gems to enhance their designs of their jewelry products. Making the target for the youth segment, generally females prefer the use of plastic or even stainless steel. Reasons being, firstly they are relatively cheaper in terms of their monetary value. Secondly, it suits younger girls, given their choice of girly outfits and hair styles.

Adult women on the other hand, may prefer materials such as gold, white gold, platinum, silver, crystal and more. These allow the eventual design of earrings to appear elegant and priceless, complementing the overall look of the adult females. However, the omparatively expensive is one of terms of prices.

According to customer preferences, all types of earrings, including pink ones, make use of different l?i s and stones to enhance their design such as pearls, sapphires, rubies, diamonds and so on. These naturally very with respect to their cost, depending on the rarity and availability of the gem in question. For instance, earrings made of pearls may be costlier than those made of zircons, as natural pearls are scarce owing to pollution and over fishing.

With respect to one’s budget, retailers offer all types of pink earrings. On the lower end, materials such as glass, metal, crystal, ribbons and feathers are used, which can easily be afforded by any potential buyer within a relatively lower income bracket. Moreover, most of the earrings using these materials are worn for casual occasions by women of all ages. As far as the higher end of the budget spectrum is concerned, diamonds would be the perfect example.

With increased competition, jewelry designers are making unique designs every day, to cater to females who like accessorizing themselves. Pink jewelry items are coming in all shapes, ranging from heart shaped earrings to hoops, all these meeting demands of different women with dissimilar preferences. These also vary with respect to their sizes, the smaller ones adding simplicity and elegance to one’s look, the larger ones adding more impact. Women have a variety to choose from, keeping certain factors, such as their face structure, hair style and outfit for the special occasion, in mind.

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