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Stainless Steel Straps

Stainless steel is highly malleable, able to be stretched and bent without breaking or cracking. These properties allow it to be stretched thin enough to be used as straps much like cord or plastic can be used to tie things together. However, the distinct properties of stainless steel make this type of fastening system superior to any other material for certain uses.

For instance, have you ever seen an eighteen wheeler on the highway carrying a load of heavy pipes or concrete and wondering how they stayed safely secure during the journey? Chances are you’ve seen some variation of the product being used in this manner. Another common use is in street signs where straps or bands are used to affix the metal to a pole or other object.

Unique properties & combinations

Stainless steel is an alloy that contains at least eleven percent chromium. However, there are various types of different metals that are blended to obtain distinct properties. Stainless steel is unique from other metals because it:

– Is resistant to rust and corrosion
– Is easily forged and more malleable than iron alone
– Is nonmagnetic
– Does not react to extremely hot or cold temperatures

As a result of these properties, one can turn stainless steel into straps and use it for binding in a way that other metals would not be able to function.

Common uses

Straps forged from stainless steel can be found in a variety of industries, including both public and private pursuits. These straps are stronger than ones made from other materials and have less give, allowing for a more permanent and secure attachment than with strapping made from materials with less durability and strength. Some common places you might find them include:

– Street signs and signals at street corners
– Packing and shipping to bind items into a single, more easily moved pallet
– Securing cameras and sensors to buildings or poles

Common alloys

Two commonly used alloys are 201 and 316. 201 is an alloy that includes nickel, magnesium, and chromium in addition to steel which is the base ingredient. 316 is a stronger and more resistant alloy, able to stand up to marine environments or other locations where the steel will encounter corrosive agents. Straps made from either of these alloys are durable and strong.

Located just outside New Orleans, in Covington, LA, It Straps On is an American manufacturer of stainless steel banding andThe ISO Band Man strapping systems. While at first glance these products might seem small and relatively simple, don’t let their size fool you. Stainless steel banding and strapping are used extensively in commercial, industrial and municipal settings. ISO has been manufacturing these products since 1994 and now ships them all over the world.

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